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Sunday , January , 20 2019
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Carpet Fibers


Not all carpets are the same, perform the same, or clean up the same!






Carpet cleaner’s best friend!

  • Cleans very well
  • Good spot removal
  • Hides soils well
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Very resilient (fluffs up after cleaning)
  • Dries quickly
  • Applied stain protection last long


  • Without stain protection applied, can be stained with Kool-Aid and acid dyes.
  • Bleaches easily, if not solution dyed



Close second to Nylon

  • Cleans very well
  • Bright color choices
  • Takes stain protection well, compared to nylon
  • Cheaper than Nylon


  • Abrasive sensitive
  • Distortion in traffic areas; pile reversal and corn rowing
  • Without stain protection applied, absorbs oily soil



  • Inexpensive
  • Very colorfast
  • Chemical resistant
  • Cleans…so-so


  • Wicking after cleaning (reappearing spots that may require extra treatment)
  • Oil stains do not clean out well due to it being an oil byproduct
  • Very low melting point that can lead to friction burns
  • Poor resiliency, does not fluff up after cleaning



  • Wears very well
  • Dyes easily
  • Good insulator
  • Good resiliency
  • Cleans well
  • Found mostly in area rugs


  • Very expensive
  • Alkaline sensitive for cleaning agents
  • Felting
  • Dissolves in chlorine bleach
  • Takes longer to dry


  • Soft
  • Dyes easily
  • Withstands bleach
  • Hides soil well


  • Doesn’t clean well
  • Non-resilient
  • Shrinks
  • Absorbs soil
  • Takes longer to dry



What is the best type of flooring for you?

Depending on what the room is used for and what soils it may encounter…

We recommend hard surface flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms which run into biological contaminants from foods and barefoot walking. Also, in areas that have abrasive chemicals and disinfectants used for sanitization.

We recommend carpet in living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, and steps. Mainly for the following reasons, chiropractors and OSHA regulations for businesses say you should have a cushion to stand on for hard surfaces because it can cause back pain and other health issues. Carpet is also the largest air filter in your house. When it is cleaned and maintained, you can breathe easier.