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Sunday , January , 20 2019
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Vinyl Flooring

At Rohr's Carpet Mechanics, we have many options for Vinyl Flooring from Tarkett!

Rohr's has a wide variety of Vinyl Sheet options! We pride ourselves on being a very popular and common choice for vinyl sheets among many homeowners. Our special vinyl options also have a LIFETIME Warranty for Residencies, and  10 YEAR Warranty for any Commercial building.

We also have other extending warranties for various prices:

Preference® Plus

  • Beginning Warranty Offer
  • 6 Year Warranty
  • Starting at $10.99.


  • Mid-level Warranty Offer
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Starting at $15.99.


  • Lifetime Warranty Offer
  • 20+ Year Warranty
  • Starting at $28.99.


*Note that orders of 450 square feet or less will be charged and additional shipping fee.