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Sunday , January , 20 2019
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Rohr's Carpet Specials!

Rohr's Carpet Mechanics has many special deals for all of your carpet needs!


  • Shaw Ansonylon Special:     ONLY $3.25 for Carpet, Pad, and Labor 
    • Limited Time only, Spring and Summer Special
    • Premium Carpet
    • Come in To Check It Out!




We even have the same specials on other carpets as well starting at a Sales Price of $2.10/square foot for Carpet, Pad, and Installation.


  • Shaw AnsoLiving Special:    This type of carpet is extra special due to its durability under stains, wear, and pet -urine. The special aspect about this carpet is the rubber backing it has instead of the typical action-backing most are familiar with. The special rubber backing protects the pad underneath from any liquids seeping through the carpet and ruining the pad and/or subfloor.


  • The first layer at the top is simply your average carpet. 

  • The Second layer is the AnsoLiving Carpet with the rubber backing.

  • The third layer is the pad.

  • Fourth Layer is the sub-floor.

We put a cup of water on the regular carpet. All of the water seeped through the carpet fiber and backing to the AnsoLiving carpet beneath it. The AnsoLiving Carpet soaked up all of the water and the rubber backing did not allow any of the moisture to drop below to the pad and sub-floor leaving the mess easy and affordable to clean up.

The AnsoLiving Carpet will prevent some of the worst  and most expensive outcomes that could happen to your carpet and subfloors.

Prices include $2.55/square foot and $22.99/square yard. Make sure you and your floor are covered!

Come and check out our new AnsoLiving Carpets today!



Also Come Check Out Our Red Tag Sales!!!

We have multiple Red Tag Specials on our products here at Rohr's Carpet Mechanics. Each of our Red Tag Sales are on for a limited amount of time and typically reside in high demand.


Why Buy Carpet?


Carpet and the Indoor Environment

During the 1980’s in Sweden, installed carpet was considered a major cause of allergies. Over the following 10 years installed carpet’s market share of floor covering dropped 40% to 2%. During the same time period allergy cases increased 600%. It is now believed allergic reactions are associated with poor indoor air quality and not the presence of installed carpet.

Carpeting has many positive contributions to the indoor environment such as improving the appearance of the room, giving style and color, providing insulation and acoustic properties, it prevents slip and fall accidents and holds soil until it can be properly removed by a trained technician. Carpet is like any other item we live with, it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. It’s one of your biggest air filters in your home.

Even while appearing “clean” a carpet can collect and hold: outdoor pollutants, gases and soil which are brought inside; direct indoor sources of pollution such as biological contamination; combustion products; and contamination from chemical products used indoors. Biological contamination can invlude mold from heating and air conditioning systems, and floods, pets (dander and excrement), contaminated food, humans (skin dander), allergens from dust mite and cockroaches, and environmental tobacco smoke (ETS)