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Sunday , January , 20 2019
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Water Disaster


At Rohr's Carpet Mechanics, we offer various Water Disaster Services!

We know how water disaster can affect your home and your family, especially if it is not addressed in a proper time frame or done correctly. That is why we offer multiple services here at Rohr's.

1. We Offer 24 hour, fast service!   

- Call day or night! We are always on call for Water disaster.

-Fast and guaranteed satisfaction


      2. We can work with your Insurance Company directly.

- We can be billed directly from your insurance company.

- We also offer full restoration drying

      3. We offer consultations so you can save Money$$

- We inspect areas where possible water invasion may exist.

-We do have a consultation fee.


4. We have various Rental Equipment:

-Power fans


-Other drying equipment


If you are serious about drying your house in a professional manner? Call us!

What to Expect?

  1. A friendly voice to get basic information. Help is on the way!
  2. Sorry, a quote on the phone cannot be given unless an on-site professional inspector uses a moisture detection meter to assess the damage. If you have a wrecked fender on a car, then the body shop will tell you to "Bring it in". Just like a mechanic, we need to see the problem to assess the damage.
  3. We charge $55.00 per hour for inital inspection and written protocol of what exactly needs to be done. Other professional companies will typically ask for a depost of anywhere between $500-$1,000 before ever entering the damaged area to inspect.
  4. After we develop a protocol of what needs to be done, you decide if you want us to complete the job.
    • Things to consider is insurance coverage:
      • We can bill insurance directly and only ask for the deductable for deposit before work begins and other necessary paperwork signed.
      • Insurance not covering cost? Or you have a big deductable on policy?
        • We will take any kind of credit/ debit cards as well.
  5. Want to save more money?
    • We can do the job together! We charge for only the work we do. For example, if you move your furniture, we don't charge labor. 
    • Already have the water extracted? We have drying fans and dehumidifiers available for rent.
      • Just to make sure your drying goes properly, we will write up a protocol so you know how to dry your carpet correctly and efficiently.

*Also note that prices significantly increase the longer you wait to call us after a Water Disaster problem due to the hazardous conditions and extensive structural recovery that may occur.

Don’t let MOLD take over your home!



Warning: Get a written quote with an approximate price from any restoration company before work begins to avoid confusion whether it is an insurance claim or not.