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Wednesday , October , 17 2018
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Water Disaster


We at Rohr's Carpet Mechanics offer various Water Disaster Services.

We know how water disaster can affect your home and your family if not done in a proper time frame or done correctly. That is why we offer multiple services here at Rohr's.

  1.       We Offer 24 hour, fast service, Call Day or Night!   

- We are always on call for Water disaster

- Fast and guaranteed satisfaction            

      2. We can work with your Insurance Company directly.

- We can be billed directly from your insurance company.

- Full restoration drying

      3. We also offfer consultations with a fee so you can save Money$$

- We inspect areas where possible water invasion may exist.


We also have various Rental Equipment:

  • Power fans                  
  • Dehumidifiers                                                                                                   
  • Other drying equipment.

If you are serious about drying your house in a professional manner? Call us!

What to Expect?

  1. A friendly voice to get basic information. Help is on the way!
  2. Sorry, a quote on the phone cannot be given unless an on-site professional inspector uses a moisture detection meter to assess the damage. If you have a wrecked fender on a car, then the body shop will tell you to "Bring it in". Just like a mechanic, we need to see the problem to assess the damage.
  3. We charge $55.00 per hour for inital inspection and written protocol of what exactly needs to be done. Other professional companies will typicall ask for a depost of anywhere between $500 to $1,000 before ever entering the damaged area to inspect.
  4. After we develop a protocol of what needs to be done, the client will decide if they want us to do the whole job.
    • Things to consideris insurance coverage:
      • We can bill insurance directly and only ask for the deductable for deposit before work begins and other  necessarypaperwork signed.
  5. Insurance not covering cost? Or you have a big deductable on policy?
    • We will take any kind of Credit/ Debit Cards as well.
  6. Want to save more Money?
    • We can jointly do the job together. We charge for only the work we do. For example, you move the furniture and we don't charge labor. 
    • Already have the water extracted. And needs Drying fans and Dehumidifiers we can rent them to you.
      • There are other ways to Save Big! Just ask how.


Just to make sure your drying goes properly, we will write up a protocol so you know how to dry your carpet correctly and efficiently.


Also note that prices significantly increase the longer you wait to call us after a Water Disaster problem due to the hazardous conditions and extensive structural recovery that may occur.

Don’t let MOLD take over your home!


Warning: Get a written quote with an approximate price from any restoration company before work begins to avoid confusion whether it is an insurance claim or not.